Download Area

Please download or stream your Post-Session Audio track to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Downloading is preferable to streaming (where your listening might be interrupted by a poor or variable internet connection). To download the track, please click on the Download Single button/link above.


You should listen to this audio track once a day - ideally through headphones and just before you go to sleep - for the first 15 days following your session with a Mindspa therapist. After that you can listen to it whenever you want to relax and feel stronger.

If you fall asleep whilst listening, that's fine: you can still be aware of the recording and the effects and benefits will be just as strong.

The playing time is 30 minutes.


Some sections of the track have very pleasant guided visualisations which may be hypnotic in nature. For this reason you should not listen to it whilst driving or operating machinery or where your attention and alertness is required.